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Born in Japan
24 years
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Александр Еремеев Соболезнование May 7, 2011
Мне очень жаль Сесея Кода который был казнён Аль-каидой в Двуречье. Примите мои соболезнования. 
Diego from Chile God Bless You January 6, 2010

I just wanted to say to Mrs Setsuko and Mr Masumi, and everyone in Shosei's family that I'm deeply sad about Shosei's death. May the Lord bless his soul and let in be in peace. There's no excuses for that barbaric crime, no religion in the world would teach to the people to wipe out the "infidels" as they say.


  I just pray that one day Shosei and his family could see each other and live in peace, I just want to see Shosei alive with my own eyes... I hope God reads this and make it come true.


  God have mercy and forgiveness upon their executioners... because I won't... I really can't forgive such a cowardly act and I hope they burn in hell.


  I hope Shosei and Nick Berg and several other deaths video taped would never happen again and I hope God bless their souls. Peace.

Anosh O Iraqi college student in US February 3, 2009
first of all i just want to give my deepest condolences for shosei's family. i dont know him personally but he is still a human being. i watched the video along with the other hostages who died also and it upset me to know those barbarians did this to an innocent person. i condemn them very much and i would not feel sad for them even if they were given the death penalty. i dont think he should have gone but still he is a brave man. i would not be brave enough to go into my own country in this time but he did so and it was for a good cause. if shosei's family can read this i just want to say im so sorry and i will pray for you always. im a christian not a muslim but i lived with muslims almost my whole life and that is not how they act. those are followers of evil and they dont represent muslims nor middle easterns in general. we are a loving people and we have many japanese people in baghdad and we treat them like family. your son is in a better place and one day we will all be in heaven and jesus does not forget the good souls. i encourage you to stay in your faith and keep strong. im also part of the international church of christ. if i knew you personally i would do my best to help but all i can give you is my deepest condolences. i encourage you to read the book of romans as it has the story of paul, who is the in the same way as your son. i have had some relatives in mosul who ended up going the same way and the video aired on the internet and i was shocked so i know how you feel. just remember god is with you always and many people are at your side. god bless you my friends. i will pray for you.
Tom R.I.P. January 24, 2009
Let me just say my condolences to Shoseis family and friends, I can't imagine how hard it is to swallow that someone like him could be killed during a senseless war, for no-good. I didn't know Mr. Koda personally, but I've read about him for 2 hours or so, and from what I read, he seems like a really good-hearted guy, and it pains me that such horrible things happen to nice people. R.I.P., Shosei Koda.
Kayvan Sympathies December 2, 2008

But life goes on and on and on... It`s been going on.

Nobody could stop it even the death of beloved people around us.

And feauture is coming.

I steel  ...

Love from Iran

Stefanos my deepest sympathies November 26, 2008
remember him.

Love from Greece.
marisol barbaric November 12, 2008

rest in peace

ヒッピー さようなら香田証生さん October 24, 2008
Alkhazraji Hamza God is the greatest March 9, 2008
Salam alaykoum (peace be upon you).
In the name of God, most gracious most merciful
Condolences from all the muslim community and the real mujahideens who only fight opressors and protect civilans, not those monsters who sully the name of God. We saw that you didn't  insult islam. We'll pray for him. It's too sad, but god is the greatest.
May God have mercy upon you.
Your brother from Iraq, Hamza.
grieving grandma Just crossing your path June 10, 2007

I too Have lost .. my precious austin grandson.. he was only 10

and shortly thereafter my daddy as well grandson was my world..i loved him as my own & still do.. i am in grief daily Until i know Jesus will come & rejoin us again in heaven , those who would condem your son have no right ..he was a free

man with what seemd to be a curious mind.. that does not give any other human the right to harm & worse yet to kill or take life.. god will judge them ..until then ..if shosei was a christian ..he went to the lord and will await you...god himself will avenge those responsible for hisyoungdeath..god bless you & keep you ..Jesus is coming soon....Janet

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