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Born in Japan
24 years
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Life story
November 29, 1979
Born in Japan Nogata on November 29, 1979.
June 9, 2007

Shosei Koda,was an exemplar son and brother,always respecting his loving family and friends.But,with his young age of 24,he was,as well,a curious soul;Shosei,decided to go to New Zealand,to get a job.And,later on,he would go on travelling around the world,for one year.

As a Christian,he was kind,and always wanted to help others.Shosei,himself,he had a dream:He wanted to build prosthetic limbs for those who were injured in wars.

But,suddenly,no one knows why,Shosei decided to go in a trip around the Middle-East countries,including Iraq.

It has been said,that Shosei wanted to see what was going on in Iraq with his own eyes.What courage!...

And although he was warned not to go,he made up his mind,and went there the same way.What we knew next,was that this lovely man paid his curiosity,with his own life.SHOSEI WAS ABDUCTED AND KILLED FOR NO REASON.

Still,people go on saying it was his own fault.But...was it,realy?And,what about those who killed him,in such a barbaric way?Aren`t they to blame?For Christ sake!A human life was taken away for no reason,and people still criticize Shosei???Where is the respect for Shosei`s family?Is that possible,that nobody stops to think about Shosei`s family`s suffering?Is that fair that people are so cruel,and don`t have any consideration for the feelings of the others???They blame Shosei,as if they never did a mistake in their lives,and as if they were perfect!Shosei had his own reasons to go to Iraq,and it is not up to people to judge him for that,as everyone is free to take their own decisions.So,let`s be human,and pray for Shosei`s lovely soul,and for his family,in this so sad time.