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Born in Japan
24 years
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Death borders upon our birth, and our cradle stands in the grave. Our birth is nothing but our death begun. Bishop Hall

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest SHOSEI KODA who was born in Japan Nogata on November 29, 1979 and passed away in Iraq, on November 3, 2004 at the age of 25. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

Shosei was a wonderful,handsome,warm-hearted,young 24 year-old man.

Shosei,was however,a curious soul.

He grew up with his loving parents Masumi and Setsuko Koda,and with his older brother Maki,as a energetic teenager,and later,a very independent,and respectful man.As a Christian,Shosei,was always willing to help the others,and he had a dream,himself:Building artificial limbs for those who were injured in wars.

Shosei,then decided to go to New Zealand,to learn English,and later to start travelling around the world,for one year.However,for some reason,which is unknown to everybody,he suddenly decided to go in a trip around the Middle-East countries,including Iraq.A path with no return,sadly!People who met him say that Shosei have told them he wanted to see what was going on in Iraq with his own eyes.It is reported as well,that they advised him not to go,because the situation in that country was extremely dangerous,but that Shosei didn`t care about it,just saying "I`ll be fine."

Shosei had courage and took his own decision.

Tragically,next thing we know,is that Shosei was abducted by gunmen,and later,beheaded!I can`t express how disgusted I am by this hideous crime,and I ask myself how on Earth,people can be so cruel,and behave like animals!There will never be an excuse to justify his death,and his murder is an unforgiveable thing.We just should not tolerate such actions,where innocent people are killed like this.May God give him peace! matter how bad people talk about you,I will always love you,and respect you!


Latest Condolences
Anonymous May Your Soul Forever Rest In Peace February 16, 2016
I Am So Sorry I Know You Have Been Gone For Some Years Now And I Did Not Know You Personally Shosei, As I Was Only 10 Years Of Age When You Passed Away But I Just Learned Of Your Vicious And Unpleasant Death :( I Am American And Give Your Family Much Prayer. May Your Soul, Body, Mind, And Spirit Forever Rest With The Lord.
Ugur Condolence December 9, 2015
Rest in peace, brother.We will never forget you...
kkk kkk February 1, 2015
RIP. handsome
Love from China. 
N.K Hope to see you later January 19, 2015
Shosei's death wasn't in vain, someday the world will be a really good place to live and it will be thanks to the memories of people like this man. Rest in peace, handsome.
edson1gb Descanse December 17, 2012
Love From Brazil 
Quick Gallery angel on Earth I just pray to God everyday that He can teach me how to forgive those who killed you,my angel...By looking intto your eyes,I could sense your inner scream for help.But I ask this,to myself,everyday;why you,Shosei?why you??? brave,until the end! the world needs you,Shosei!